Arm warmers, Base layers and Jerseys
For best results wash your by hand at 30˚, using a mild detergent. To keep them in maximum performance condition do not use fabric softeners or bleach. When washed air or line dry — dry flat if possible. Do not tumble dry, wring out or iron your jersey.

Our performance socks should be washed by hand or on a machine wash, delicate cycle at 30˚. Wash with like colours and we recommend to use a mild detergent. Do not soak the socks or wash them at warmer temperatures as this could cause the colours to run. When washed air or line dry — dry flat if possible. Do not tumble dry, wring out or iron your socks.

This product is made with Cordura which is known for its durable qualities. However as the oversock is a knitted fabric product care and caution must be taken in order to prevent damage. Please observe the following points:
_We recommend to wear cleat covers whilst putting on and removing the oversock
_As the oversock fit is snug, ease and lift the sock carefully over the shoe to avoid catching and damaging the knitted fabric
_Ensure the fabric does not get snagged on cleats, shoe buckles or rotation tensioners as doing so could rip the fabric
_Make sure foot section is fitted correctly before pulling up and positioning the cuff
_When on ensure the oversock is clear of cleats and heal pad. Failure to do is likely to result in damage beyond repair
_To prolong the life of your oversocks we do not recommend excessive walking
_The oversocks are intended for use with road shoes / road shoe cleat systems only
_Please note there is no warranty with this product

Arm warmer sizing guide

Bicep/ 23cm — 25cm
Length/ 47cm
Bicep/ 26cm — 32cm
Length/ 48cm
Bicep/ 33cm +
Length/ 49cm

Bicep: circumference of relaxed bicep
Length: Measurement taken from end to end of the arm warmer

Base layer / Jersey sizing guide
82 — 88cm
88 — 94cm
94 — 100cm
100 — 106cm
106 — 112cm
112 — 119cm

Measurement taken at your widest part of your chest.


Sock sizing guide

35 — 39/ EU
3 — 6/ UK
3.5 — 7/ US
40 — 43/ EU
6 — 9/ UK
7.5 — 9.5/ US
44 — 47/ EU
9.5 — 11.5/ UK
10 — 12.5/ US


Helmet sizing guide
52 – 58 cm
59.0 – 62 cm

Measurement is the circumference of your head at its widest point.